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Praise is such a great gift.

I said that is was easy to give.   But sometimes it may seem almost impossible.

Example:   After having a disagreement with your spouse the last thing you want to do is praise the other person.

It could very well get taken wrong any way.   At that point in time it would be wise to ask yourself what is my part in this.   Then own your part in the disagreement and ask for forgiveness for your behavior.   Then after things settle down you could praise the other for how they responded.

Understand with praise comes compassion right attitude and sincerity.   When praising your mate pay great attention to specifics, the more detailed you can be will communicate that you are very sincere.

My bride is an artist, she loves to paint.   She will paint on anything,  wood,  canvas,  pottery,  glass,  you name it and she will paint on it.   If I find an odd shaped piece of something and bring it home to her she praises me.   I praise her for the art she creates.

Find something to praise your mate for and remember to do it.

Dr. Jack



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